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MSC provides semantic infrastructure support for clients seeking to achieve interoperability, data integration, and data sharing through the use of controlled terminologies and ontologies. MSC's semantic initiatives include actively defining, designing, developing, and deploying key terminology and ontology infrastructure and application-level components. We have a proven process to create tools that can be used in a semantic infrastructure; create content for controlled and standardized terminologies, and review of existing terminologies; create mapping between terminology sources; and provide resources for all phases of the development of information systems.


MSC supports research and development activities in biomedical informatics, natural language processing, image processing, networking, information retrieval and visualization, and related disciplines. Our scientific data management services include designing state-of-the-art tools and methods to create data models and representations that are optimal for search, analysis, transmission, and storage of factual and bibliographic data—particularly biological data. We develop high-performance search and retrieval methodologies and custom research tools for biomedical research experimentation.


MSC provides support for heterogeneous environments, including end-user support, configurations, performance tuning, and security. MSC administers server operating systems and database applications; network infrastructure including routers, switches, and hardware- and software-based network monitoring; and management and analysis tools. We administer centralized storage systems and enterprise backup and restore services. Additionally, we develop and optimize custom research environments such as high-performance compute farms for scientific areas of interest.


MSC provides support to new and in-process scientific research projects, program deployment and implementation, ongoing management and operations, and financial support. We develop and oversee good clinical laboratory practices and run clinical research support such as recruitment of study volunteers, management and analysis of data, protocol review, and assistance with patient education and management. MSC offers bioinformatics, computational biology, and data analysis support for both basic and clinical research projects.


MSC supports Government efforts to improve access to high quality biomedical information around the world. MSC supports research and development in biomedical informatics, dissemination of high-quality imagery, medical language processing, high-speed access to biomedical information, multimedia visualization, knowledge management, data mining, and machine-assisted indexing.

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  • MSC : Evolving Scientific Solutions
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