Streamlining grant administration and facilitating effective grant program outcomes.

We know grantors and grant recipients need to focus on creating great program outcomes, not doing paperwork. Our team of talented grants experts has extensive experience working with recipients, grantors, and Federal executives to help them better execute their grant missions. MSC supports product development across the full grants’ lifecycle.

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Full Lifecycle Grants Administration

MSC is involved in the development of products that cover the full grants lifecycle, from planning through application, award, post-award, and closeout. We provide full support for these software solutions in a Cloud environment.

Pre-Award Planning

Automating funds planning and forecasting, securing grant recipient authentication, auto-populating application forms, enforcing configurable business rules, and applying artificial intelligence (AI) for better application screening, review, and approval.

Award Management

Integration with multiple financial systems and databases for fiscal integrity ensures all stakeholders have transparency of in-process statuses while proactive and automatic notifications send communications throughout the life of the grant.

Post-Award Oversight and Monitoring

Integration with external data sources helps tie program objectives to outcomes and delivers data visualizations that make it easy to monitor grant activities.

Enterprise Risk Management

By digitizing and automating the grants process, there is great opportunity to measure and reduce risk for grantors and grant recipients alike. Implementing machine learning (ML) technology and other analytics, we enable data-driven decisions to help maximize the return on grant investments.

Organizational Profiles

Using advanced data technologies such as ML and AI, our solutions provide concise profiles of current and potential grant recipients, suggest potential problem areas, compare grant recipients to key benchmarks, and provide actionable information to help grantors assess recipient capacity and performance.

Integrated Data

Our solutions draw key data about all federal grant recipients and applicants from multiple databases across the Federal government.

Predictive Analytics

By analyzing data patterns, our solutions are able to predict the likelihood of future recipient performance.

Program Outcome Measurement

The need to assess the impact of grant investments is challenging for both grantors and grant recipients. Our solutions help stakeholders measure performance and communicate the impact of their grant programs. Through partnerships within government and community stakeholders, we help federal agencies assess the impact of their investments and increase program effectiveness. We provide monitoring, evaluation, and strategic planning services to “tell the story” of program outcomes.