Improving outcomes, quality, safety, efficacy, and compliance.

Today’s health organizations are serving diverse user populations, managing and securing vast amounts of complex data, and adhering to strict regulations, all while trying to innovate for more efficiency, sharing, and improved knowledge. MSC helps organizations modernize their approaches and processes to better meet their critical mission needs.

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Public Health

MSC develops solutions for monitoring and analyzing public health data to better inform solutions for effective response and proactive prevention efforts.

Incident/Crisis Management

We design processes including, issue identification, tracking, workflow, and resolution, as well as implements the right technologies that enable customers to effectively respond to incidents and crises.


Our technology solutions, including informatics portals, help track, monitor, and drive intervention for existing and emerging diseases and health risks.

Disease Surveillance

MSC leverages scientific data integration expertise to support the tracking and monitoring of diseases and health risks.

Research and Development (R&D)

MSC builds solutions that help R&D teams work more effectively, share data to inform, and augment all phases of discovery.

R&D Support

We provide the technology support R&D teams need to carry out their work including designing virtual lab environments.

Vaccine Research

Our teams support the full lifecycle of development including adjuvant discovery, product development, facilities management, clinical trials support, and regulatory submissions support.

Clinical Data Analytics

MSC develops tools and systems that help customers better integrate, analyze, manage, and interpret data.

Regulatory Information Management (RIM)

MSC designs solutions that track and manage data across all phases of the medical product lifecycle.

Clinical Trial Data Management

Our team ensures data is supported at every step of the clinical trial from abstraction to regulatory filing.

Post Market Surveillance

MSC is using advanced analytics to look for patterns to proactively identify and characterize post market events for regulatory action.

Regulatory Submissions

With a focus on developing proven, extensible common data models, our solutions provide a framework that enables a consistent, scalable enterprise-wide approach to regulatory review.


MSC develops solutions for managing compliance with all medical product regulatory standards.

Biomedical Information Management

MSC supports our clients' efforts to develop innovative computational approaches to biomedical information management and analysis.


Our team develops solutions that collect and analyze complex biological data for better understanding of processes affecting human health and disease.

Clinical Trials Data Management

Following regulatory compliant data processes and applying our teams’ health and science backgrounds, we help trials move smoothly and efficiently.

Clinical Data Analytics

With subject matter expertise in genomics and genetics informatics applications and our IT expertise, we help customers better see and interpret collected data.

Tool Development and Implementation

MSC creates interfaces that allow meaningful access to information to enable discovery and analysis.