Developing and supporting applications and systems that keep citizens safe.

Agencies charged with public safety want to concentrate on the mission while knowing they have advanced technologies to support them. Together MSC and Dovel contribute to the integration, development, implementation, operation, and sustainment of critical systems used for public safety missions such as severe weather forecasting, location tracking and communicating, wildfire simulation programs, food safety, and more.

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Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery

Together MSC and Dovel bring experience in emergency management and disaster recovery, helping agencies to mitigate and manage the effects of natural disasters such as critical weather, wildfires, and floods.

Fire Management

Agency administrators need support in making informed, risk-based strategic and tactical decisions for how to best manage unplanned wildfires using local, regional, and national policy direction. These complex decision support systems integrate spatial data, local planning information, information from external applications, and a suite of fire behavior models to gather intelligence while providing an intuitive interface for users to document plans.

Aviation Management

Enabling improved detection and response to emergencies, reduced workload in aircraft and dispatch centers, reduced radio traffic, and enhanced situational awareness.

Claims Management

Giving real-time insight on disaster insurance claims to policy holders as well as public and private stakeholders to ensure faster payout and efficient policy tracking.

Environment Protection

MSC supports human health and the environment by ensuring data is collected and accessible to determine compliance with regulations.

Compliance and Enforcement

With an understanding of environmental laws, we help organizations meet data compliance rules that ensure the right information is available at the right time.

Pesticide Regulation

Aiding programs in regulating pesticide production, importation, distribution, and use in the United States.

Training and Support

A base of environmental expertise allows for domain-specific training on application development, data systems security, risk analysis, infrastructure management, and information technology to ensure data is properly collected.

Weather and Climate Modeling, Forecasting, and Dissemination

Bringing a deep understanding of the processes and systems that support the work of weather systems agencies, we partner with those agencies to develop innovative solutions to advance weather science and to build a "Weather Ready Nation" (WRN).

"Weather Ready Nation" (WRN)

Providing expert services in scientific visualization, data transformation, data analytics, and the development of forecast models and applications.

Climate Prediction and Forecast

Our extensive knowledge of Internet of Things (IoT) leading edge technologies, including autonomic computing, allows for more accurate and timely weather forecasting.

Meteorology and Numerical Modeling

Utilizing mathematical models and post-processing techniques to improve numerical computation to better predict weather based on current conditions.

Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources

We support the mission to promote agriculture production to better nourish Americans while also helping feed others throughout the world.

Agriculture Exports

Our solutions enhance agricultural export opportunities for U.S. farmers and provide global food security.

Food Safety

We help organizations ensure that the nation's commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled and packaged.

Farm Policy and Conservation (FPAC)

We serve the nation’s farmers and ranchers and other stewards of private agricultural and forest lands. Our services enable the implementation of programs including crop insurance services; conservation programs and technical assistance; as well as commodity, lending, and disaster programs.