In light of the recent recompete of the Kelly Services STOPS contract, we’d like to introduce ourselves, Medical Science & Computing (MSC), a Dovel company, as we are one of the awardees on the new SOAR contract.

National Institutes of Health’s (NIH), Science Operations and Administrative Resource (SOAR) is a multi-award IDIQ project. MSC is contracted to provide support on a full-range of activities, including new and in-progress research projects, program deployment and implementation, and other activities necessary to conduct the business and fulfill the mission of NIH’s biomedical research program. MSC will provide scientific, operations, and administrative resources (SOAR) to assist the NIH’s 27 Institutes or Centers (ICs) in meeting operational objectives under this program.

We held open houses on Monday, July 19, and Tuesday, July 20 to learn more about who we are and what we have to offer. Please see the below recording from our Open House Session on Monday, July 20.

Note: The deadlines listed in the video below are associated with the first submission deadlines. Please refer to the deadline included in your initial email from MSC, as that includes the date pertinent to your task order.

Please see the FAQs below:

Please view our 2021 Benefits At A Glance, here.

Yes, the LOC is not binding, and you are free to sign up with one or all current SOAR vendors.

  • If you would like to sign a LOC with MSC, please download the form here, sign and date it and send an email to along with your resume and desired salary range.

Employees may carry over a balance of up to 240 hours of accrued unused PTO in their PTO account from one calendar year to the next.

  • Full-time employees can accrue up to four weeks of PTO with MSC. Part-time employees are prorated based on hours worked.

Professional development and education reimbursement benefit reimburse a maximum of $3,500 per calendar year for training courses, seminars, certifications, and college-level courses to further your development.

If you’re ready to transition to MSC under the SOAR contract, we will need your resume, desired salary range, and signed letter of commitment (LOC) by the deadline provided in your introduction email.

Please submit your resume, LOC, and desired salary range via DocuSign through the link provided in the email from the MSC SOAR Team, OR, email them to For your convenience, you can download the MSC LOC here.

Please note that the LOC is not binding, and you are free to sign up with one or all current SOAR vendors.

If you have any questions, please email, and a team member will get back to you.

Thank you!